Bibione, located in the upper Adriatic, on the Venetian coast, is one of the most beautiful and known beach resorts of Italy (the second one for the number of presences in Italy).
Since 2000 and for all the following years, Bibione has been awarded the prestigious Bandiera Blu award, the international recognition synonymous of clean and tidy beach, good air quality, clear and pure water, good beach services offered (also suitable for disabled tourists), of quality service in rescue and first aid.
The sandy beach of Bibione, among the most appreciated beach resort, is spacious and livable, with its 11.5 kilometers in length and a depth that reaches even 400 meters in some places. Moreover its favorable south orientation ensures constant exposure to the sun from morning to evening allowing you to tan in full relaxation. The sea, which gradually declines, is ideal for children who can play in the water in peace and above all in safety.

Bibione is the ideal location for adults and children, young and old, couples and large families: the many opportunities for entertainment make everyone happy.

For those who are on holiday with their four-legged friends, our beach has opened its doors to dogs that can happily enjoy the holidays together with the whole family: In fact Bibione is among the very few Italian seaside places to have a piece of beach dedicated to them, the beach of Pluto (Spiaggia di Pluto), less than 20 minutes of walk from the hotel: here dogs can run, splash around in the sea water and play with their owners, pampered by all the comforts (bowls, umbrellas with leash stops and dog beds, sanitary bags, showers, running drinking water), in an environment with clean and sanitized sand.